Sunday, August 10, 2014 - Pastor Steve Dow

Speaker: Pastor Steve Dow

Date: Sunday, August 10,  2014

Title:  We Believe -  Part 9 - Jehovah Raah

Pastor Steve Dow sermon series, We Believe.

1.  Elohim-Creator, Judge, God  

2.  Adoni-Lord or Master

3.  El Shaddi-All Mighty God 

4.  Yahweh/Jehovah-Covenant Keeping God 

5.  Jehovah Jireh-The Lord who Provides                                          

6.  Jehovah Rapha-The Lord our Healer 

7.  Jehovah Shammah-The Lord who is Here 

8.  Jehovah Shalom- The Lord our Peace 

9.  Jehovah Raah-The Lord my Shepherd   Ps 23

  A shepherd cares for, watches over and preserves the           

      sheep.     Matt. 18:12-14

The benefits of following our Shepherd:

         a.  I am a friend of God!

     James 2:23  Pr 18:24  John 15:12-16

b. I shall not want- Ps 37:18-19, 25-26,

    Ps 34:10   Matt 6:25-26

c.  He restores my soul  Ps 61:2  Ps 62:8

d.  He prepares a table for me  Pr 16:7

e.  My cup runs over  Ps 23:5

f.   Goodness and Mercy will follow me Ps 23:6

g.  I will dwell in the House of the Lord. 

     Ps 81:10   Ps 27:4


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