Have you ever wanted to connect with other believers on a deeper level, grow as a disciple of Christ, or see greater unity in the church? If so, then Small groups are for you. Small groups are a way for you to go beyond a weekly church service and truly grow as a Christian. These groups meet every week in locations all over the city and provide a place for people to connect and grow.



Christian Heritage Church has patterned their small group model after the Acts 2 early church model. Believers met together on a regular basis to share, eat, and grow spiritually. We believe that this is the essential part of the church that not only helps believers grow, but also sustains revival. In Acts 2:41-47 we see that revival hit the early church resulting in 3,000 souls added to the Kingdom. In the following verses we are given an outline on how the early church sustained that revival; it was through small groups.

People began eating together, sharing things in common, and studying what the disciples had taught. From this sense of community miracles began to take place and there was a feeling of awe for the presence of God. This is what iConnect is all about. Small groups are not just for your personal growth, but for the overall health and strength of the Kingdom of God.


How to get involved.

There are many different groups for you to get involved in at Christian Heritage Church. Some meet in the mornings, some at lunch time, and some in the evenings. Some groups are based around common interest and some are open to anyone. We have groups that are for study, some for ministry, and some for just fellowship. Wherever you are in your walk with God, there is a Small group for you. At the top of this page click on a group type that you might be interested. Once you find a group you would like to join, click the “Join Group” link and that leader will email you with information on when to meet. It’s that simple. Browse our groups and find out why CHC lives community through small groups.


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