November 6, 2016


Church Family

This week we have the responsibility of determining who will lead our nation for the next four years.  Today, perhaps more than at any point in our history, we are a nation posed at a moral crossroads.  As citizens and Christians it is our duty to prayerfully cast a ballot for those who will determine the direction of the United States not just in the next four years but for those coming after us as well.

There are many important positions of civic leadership that will be determined this Tuesday.

President of the United States

United States Congressman

State Congressman

School Superintendents and Board Members

Local officials and more

Each of these elected officials will exert influence on many important issues, Right to Life, Marriage, National Security, Economic Policies, Freedoms relating to the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution and the appointment of Supreme Court Justices.

Please prayerfully consider your choices for each office.  If you need further information regarding issues, candidates or platforms please go to

As Spirit-filled believers, we must not by our silence, create a void the enemy can fill.  Stand Up, Speak Up and cast a ballot. November 9th our confidence will still be in God and God alone!  We will know we have fulfilled our duty to be Light in a dark world by letting our voice be heard.

Yvonne and I will be praying for you and for our nation.

Steve Dow

Saddie Marrero