Take a Break...

May 11, 2016

Church Family,

Don't you love it when someone says, "Take a break", you deserve it?  Growing up on a farm our days started early and ran late.  We worked seven days a week.  The cows had to be milked, pigs fed, crops to be planted and havested, fences fixed, water tanks cleaned out, tractors repaired...the work never ended.

But one of my favoirte memories is hearing my Dad say, "Take a break!"  Mid-morning and mid-afternoon I longed for that statement.  "Take a break" meant sitting down in the shade, getting a cold glass of Iced Tea, having one of Mom's famous cookies or cinnamon rolls, relaxing for a few minutes.  "Take a break" meant easing the cramped muscles in the back and legs, telling a few funny stories, taking a quick nap.

Many times our Father is saying to us, "Take a break", sit down and talk to Me. Let Me refresh you.  Let Me relax you. Let Me make you smile and laugh, "Take a break."    When our lives are a whirlwind, we need to 'take a break'.  We need to make time to stop, listen, laugh and learn.  We need to carve time from our schedule to do nothing but be with our Father.  

In our hectic lives we often believe  that idleness is irresonsible.  But when we are 'taking a break' with the Father nothing could be more responsible.  Today I want to encourage you to slow down, sit down, relax and spend a few minutes with the Father.  You will be suprised at the change in your attitude, focus and zeal for life.  You will be suprised at how small your challenges seem when you 'take a break' with the Father.  

So "take a break" from your routine and join us at Christian Heritage every Wednesday and Sunday.

Come Expecting,

Steve and Yvonne Dow

Saddie Marrero