Plow Deep

June 29, 2016

Church Family,

Early this morning I was thinking about an incident from my boyhood on the farm.  In Western Oklahoma the wind blows almost non-stop every day of the year.  Because of the wind, crop fields are often the recipients of weed seed that is harmful to a crop.  Long before the days of Organic Farming, the solution to the weeds, without using herbicides, was to plow deep every couple of years.  

Our neighbor, Floyd, farmed 360 acres with a small Ford tractor and a two bottom plow.  He had a 90 acre wheat field across from our house.  Every year Floyd would plow that field with his two bottom plow.  It would take him two weeks to plow the entire field.  There were no shade trees around that field.  As a result, Floyd would often take a break from plowing and come sit in the shade in our yard.  As a small boy I would often go out a sit with him. I was fascinated as he took off his work gloves, loosened the strings in his boots and rolled a cigarette.  He would then begin telling stories about farming through the Great Depression and Dust Bowl days of the High Plains.

One day I asked him, "Floyd, why do you plow this field so deep every year?" His answer has never left me, “Son, when the wind blows it brings in a lot of bad stuff that will crowd out the wheat.  It steals the moisture and nutrients that the wheat needs.  The only way to be sure that bad stuff doesn't grow is to plow deep.  To turn the soil over at least 18 inches.  Nothing can grow from that depth."  

As I remembered that conversation Holy Spirit began speaking to me about our lives today.  The wind of culture blows a lot of bad stuff into our lives.  If we don't 'plow deep' by reading the Word, praying in the Spirit, being a part of a dynamic Spirit-filled church, that bad stuff will crowd out what God is doing in our lives.  If we don't 'plow deep', that bad stuff will steal what we have received that enables us to grow and produce a crop for the Kingdom.

Can I challenge you today to set time every day to 'plow deep’?  Immerse yourself in the Word of God, listen to the voice of God, and be led by Him into a deeper relationship and fresh revelation.  When we 'plow deep' on a regular basis God does amazing things in and through our lives.

Take some time today and 'plow deep!'

 Steve and Yvonne Dow

Saddie Marrero