Are We ready To Stop Grumbling? Let's Start Praising...!


Church Family,

Sometimes we get things upside down, wrong side out, messed up from the git-go, confused as a termite in a yo yo...yes I could go on and on.  The point is we often see the circumstances of life through the wrong filter.  My prayer today is that we begin to see as Joseph.   He was able to look past the current circumstance-slavery, imprisonment, abuse, betrayal-and by faith know the plan of God would come to pass in his life.

As Christians, faith is the fuel that drives our life.  Often we can't see how things will turn out.  Will we be rescued from a circumstance or given the strength to go through it.  The Bible tells us that when we by faith, choose to stand and believe God's purposes for our life, we will be victorious.

Daniel refused to stop praying to the Almighty God and as a result he went THROUGH the lion's den.  God didn't deliver him FROM the circumstance but was with him THROUGH the circumstance.  Maybe it's time we shifted our focus from 'deliver me, rescue me' to give me the courage and strength to go through whatever is in my path.  In that place, the challenges of my life have the potential to be a source of inspiration and blessing to those around me!  At that point others can look at what I am going through or have gone through and say, 'I know that guy and he is nothing special.  If you can do it, I sure can.'  It is at that point Jesus is revealed through me!  

Anyone can live for God when all is going well.  When everyone is speaking well of you.  When there is plenty of money in the bank, no health issues, your family has it all together.  But it takes a true believer to live for God when you are betrayed, afflicted, abused, wronged.  It is those circumstances of life that we show what we are made of, the Grace and Mercy of the Lord.

How about it?  Are you willing to stop grumbling and starting praising?  Are you willing to start declaring my God is to do whatever is best for me!


Steve Dow

Saddie Marrero