Don't quit because one bad experience!

September 23, 2016

Church Family,

This week I took a class to get a motorcycle license and yes I did pass!   Numerous times during the class the instructor made reference to the Bible, church and Christians.  I had the occasion to ask him about his faith.  His response is very typical of our society.

He said, "I believe in God, love Jesus but don't go to church."  When I pressed as to why he responded, "I had a bad experience and got burned."  So many in our society will tell you the same thing.  It is up to you and me to live Biblical Christianity before those we come in contact with.  Often a genuine Christian living the Grace of God over a period of time can bring change to the attitude my instructor had.  

Yesterday at one of our breaks the instructor was talking about going to dinner on Wednesdaynight.  His wife got food poisoning from the restaurant.  They were so surprised because it was one of their favorite places.  

I ask him, "Are you ever going back to that restaurant?"  His reply opened the door for me to really witness to him.  He said, "Oh yeah, we will go back.  It is one of our favorites and we just had one bad experience."

Wow! One bad experience at a restaurant he loved would not keep him from going back.  Yet one bad experience with the church caused him to never go back.  We then begin talking about the fact that the church is a bunch of imperfect people living in the Grace of God.   And the church is not a man-made institution but God, Himself, ordained the church.  God, Himself, put the church in the world to be a light in darkness.    I could see the wheels turning as he considered this.  

After completing the riding test we were picking up the traffic cones that marked the range.  I happened to be working with the instructor again.  Just before we finished he said to me, "I have been thinking about what you said about one bad experience.  My wife has actually been after me to go back to church and I have refused.  But I am ready to give it another try.  I do love Jesus and have missed going to church.  I was just too stubborn to go back."

I am convinced there are tens of thousands of people who are just like my instructor.  Because they had one bad experience they have quit.  My challenge to you today is to be the kind of Christian that will make someone want a second chance.  That will cause a sinner to take a close look at the gospel.  That will influence someone who does not know God or who had a bad experience with the church to return to the ONE who loves them and gave His life for them.

Steve Dow

Saddie Marrero