Revive Me According to Your Loving Kindness

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Church Family,

This morning I read this passage, 'Revive me according to Your loving kindness, so that I may keep the testimony of Your mouth.' Psalm 119:88 That is a great prayer.  'Revive' can also be translated 'quicken, restore, renew'.  Is there anything in your life that needs to be 'quickened' or have life spoken into it?  Is there anything that needs to be restored?  Health, relationships, hope, expectation?  Is there anything that needs to be renewed? A promise, a dream?  

God is in the businesses of 'reviving' His people.  Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus, 'Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us."  Ephesians 3:20  Perhaps it is time to allow God to breathe life back into your life.  To revive, quicken, restore, renew you today!

How does He do this?  The Psalmist gives the answer, 'according to Your lovingkindness.'  Lovingkindness is better translated 'favor or grace'.  It is by His grace we are quickened, restored and renewed.  It is an act of God poured out on us as we determine to seek Him.  I don't know about you but I need some grace today!

The whole purpose of being 'revived' is to enable us to declare every word God has spoken is true.  Notice the psalmist said, 'so that I may keep the testimony of Your mouth.'  Not my testimony but God's.  Not my story but God's.  To be able to declare that every promise God has spoken in and over my life, He will fulfill!  

That is powerful, amazing, wonderful.  That is grace in action!  That my life can declare the faithfulness of God.  That thought is mindblowing.  God would choose to use you and me to declare His testimony!  How priviledged we are to be called sons and daughters of the Most High God.  To be the instruments used to declare His truth.  Would you pause for a moment and thank Him for allowing you to be the spokesperson for His testimony.  

Tonight, 7-8pm, we have an opportunity to declare His testimony.  Join us as we unite in faith to honor and praise the Most High God.  All ministries will be meeting tonight.  MPact Girls-preschool children and elemenatry gilrs, Royal Rangers-elemenatary boys, Student Ministries-Junior High and High School Students, College and Young Professionals and all adults will join me in the Sanctuary.  

Tonight I am starting a four week study on Christ Revealed-Jesus in the Old Testament.  This is going to be  a great study and I want you to join me as we learn together.

Doug Apple will be teaching a Membership Class over the next four Wednesdays as well.  This class will meet in the Green Room, 7-8pm.  

We will see you tonight, 7pm.

Come Expecting,

Steve and Yvonne Dow

Saddie Marrero