Wednesday Night Meetings

June 7, 2017

Church Family,

When we read the Book of Acts we see the phrase, ‘continuing daily in one accord in the temple', this speaks of the early disciples priority on corporate worship.  It is spiritual discipline we also need to embrace.  There is something inexplicable about being 'together in one accord in God's house'.  

As vessels of the Holy Spirit, carriers of God’s Presence, when we gather together for the purpose of worshipping Him, we experience a magnification of His Presence.  He becomes LARGE in our lives.  Our faith increases because of His increased Presence.  Our problems diminish because we choose to focus on Him.  His anointing increases as we lift our voices to Him in worship.  It is in His Presence chains are broken, disease is healed, discouragement is set to flight.  When we choose to set aside time from our lives and join with other believers we are establishing an atmosphere to witness the greatness of God.    

Yvonne and I love standing on Main Street after the service and just looking and listening.  Seeing you talking, laughing, sharing your lives with one another and listening to the muted sound of so many voices.  The experience of being 'together' to worship brings a dynamic to our lives that we will not experience in any other setting.  So tonight, let's come in one accord to worship the King of Kings!  Let's experience that same dynamic the early church experienced by 'continuing in one accord in the temple'.  

Tonight, don’t just ‘come to church’, but come to share God in you and experience God in others so we can all declare, ‘I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the House of the Lord.’

All ministries are meeting tonight, 7-8pm.  MPact Girls, Royal Rangers, Student Ministries, College and Young Professionals, New Beginnings, Nehemiah and The Battle Plan of Prayer.  Don't miss this opportunity to be with your 'family' as we worship God together.

We hope to see YOU tonight.

Come Expecting,

Steve and Yvonne Dow

Saddie Marrero