Congregational Fast Day Four

January 10, 2018

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Church Family,

Good Morning, today is the fourth day of our fast. I trust the time used for the normal activity you are fasting is bringing great rewards as you seek God. Remember, fasting without prayer is just a diet. It is amazing what happens when we are intentional about spending time with God. He promises revelation to those who seek Him.

Enjoy this testimony from one of our families. "As a family we have given up desserts (normally a family favorite once or twice a day!) Yesterday the kids passed on some candy and even explained to their friends why (best part is I wasn't even around, they did it on their own!). I have fasted Facebook (amazing/embarrassing how much my prayer life has increased) and our daughter also chose on her own to fast from watching anything on YouTube (Not a big deal to you or me but, definitely a sacrifice for her.)"

"I am using this time to pray for restoration for my family. My older and younger sisters do not speak to each other. My older sister also does not speak to my brother or my parents. (Yes, I am quite "stuck in the middle!!!") I believe that this is a "this kind" of situation you preached about on Sunday!"

Perhaps others need to use the fasting time today to pray for family! Please continue to share what youy are doing and the praise reports that always occur as we fast and pray.

Please join us tonight, 7-8pm, as we gather to worship. All ministries are meeting tonight. Darrell Wills begins a four week study on the benefits of being a Christian. Invite a friend or family member to worship with you.

Come Expecting,

Steve and Yvonne Dow



Saddie Marrero