Congregational Fast Day Five

January 11, 2018


Church Family,

Today I want to challenge you to press through.  When we determine to fast and pray we can expect opposition.  The enemy knows the value of fasting and prayer and will attempt to discourage you.  So press through.  

Difficulties, trials, temptations are all indicators of the fact that you have opposition.  The good news-Jesus already won the victory.  So press through.  Don't be discourage but encouraged.  Read John 16:33 and press through!

This testimony was sent yesterday and it fits with today's challenge.  "In my case I'm fasting all food and drink except water until noon each day, but this would apply to many of the fasts people are doing."

"Yes, I have my prayer time, but then there are those times when I am going about my business, and then I remember that I'm fasting.  At that point I simply say, "Lord, please bless my church."

"It's a simple thing, but if I feel that little hunger pang, I just turn it into that simple prayer, "Lord, please bless my church," and then I go about my business."

"So whatever someone is fasting, when they feel that urge or need or hunger to reach for it, that can be their trigger to pray, and and it can be a very simple prayer."

So today, press through.  Perhaps offer a quick prayer when  you want to quit.  Prayer refocuses our attention on the 'why' of fasting.

Press through!

Steve and Yvonne Dow

Saddie Marrero